Temple of Elemental Evil

18. The Fire Temple

8/13/11: Unfortunately we only got in one long fight tonight. We're looking at finding a day before the end of August where we can just play all day and get this campaign finished!

Carric Cendoria - Elf Seeker
Fayte Bonesunder - Human Paladin
Heron - Half-elf Fighter
Jurod - Changeling Mage

* NPC Hirelings: Garweez the ogre, Harmony Helltiger the rabbit, Randor the cleric and Baldrim the fighter.

The heroes were readying to go back to the temple to kill Romag, former high priest of the earth temple, before he was fully transformed into a ghoul. They were also expected to check in on the Fire Temple, as Prefect Allrem had asked them to participate in some sacrifices.

They decided to stop in the Fire Temple first. The heroes headed to the farmhouse, and down into the well. The well held a secret passage to level three. once in level three, a stairwell brought them to level two and to the Fire Temple.

They entered the fire temple just in time to see Allrem stab an elf manacled to the altar. The elf exploded in fire and vanished. A drow watched on, along with four evil large salamanders wielding scimitars. A fire pit crackled just in front of the altar, and a pair of cauldrons filled with glowing amber liquid burbled nearby.

Allrem was about to sacrifice his next victim - Countess Trilahi! She was the elf Carric had met way back in the Elf forest. 

Allrem noticed their arrival and asked one of them to perform the next sacrifice.  Carric's eyes met Trillahi's. Carric volunteered. Trilahi was manacled to the altar. Her husband, the cowardly tiefling named Juffer, cowered nearby. His hands were bound.

Carric was instructed to fill a bowl with the glowing amber liquid and to pour it on her. Carric very slowly did so. He dropped a coin into the liquid to see what would happen. A salamander's head rose up and created a fiery explosion that burned him and Fayte!

Allrem laughed at the "novice mistake". He urged Carric to get on with it. Carric stood next to Allrem at the altar, looking down at the bound elf. 

Carric was told to cover her in the amber liquid. He faltered. Allrem yelled at him. Carric tossed aside the bowl and fired an ice arrow point blank in Allrem's chest! 

The other heroes sprung into action. Jurod and Garweez jumped the drow female, who fled into a northern room. Juffer fled along with her.

Fayte summoned her skeletal steed, Skullstrider. She trampled her way to the altar. She began chopping each of the restraints, slowly freeing Trilahi.

Prefect Allrem pulled the arrow out of his chest and climbed onto the altar, standing over Trilahi. The salamanders closed in on Heron, Carric and Fayte. Heron moved in on Allrem, knocking him back with his staff. Allrem used a fiery teleport to switch places with Heron and returned to his perch atop the altar.

Jurod cast a sleep spell on two salamanders. One passed out, and the other shook off the spell. Garweez stood over the sleeping one and clubbed it to death.

Carric took aim and hit Allrem with another arrow, knocking him off the altar. Heron closed in on the priest, who cast a spell, creating a fiery double of Heron that hypnotized the fighter. Allrem also had an aura of swirling flames going, which pulsed in such a way that the only way to avoid it was to fall prone or "kneel to fire".

The fire bombarded Carric nearby, and dropped him. Randor healed him. Carric rose up and bloodied Allrem with another arrow. Jurod then immobilized Allrem with a spell. A salamander came up behind Carric and cut him down with a pair of scimitar strikes.

Trilahi was free, and raced over to her downed rescuer. She found a potion of healing on him, and poured down his throat. As he came to, he saw her grab his wand of a wonder and aim it at Prefect Allrem. She activated it... and silver coins began pouring out of her ears. Se tried it again, and made Allrem's goattee grow twice as thick.

Faytr and Garweez each killed a salamander, leaving only one left. Allrem, panicked, breathed fire one more time. Then Carric fired one last arrow into his neck, killing him. Allrem fell to the ground, and felt his soul being pulled away. But it was not taken by the Elemental Eye, but something else altogether! He screamed in terror and exploded in flames.

The final salamander shrank to tiny size and returned to the fire pit, dancing around it with the dozens of other ember-like creatures.

Trilahi hugged Carric, and said she'd prayed every day for his arrival. She had married Juffer only to find he was a con man. They were kidnapped and brought to the temple while raveling in the Kingdoms of Valor making business deals. 

Once she regained her composure, she said she'd heard the villains talking about an item of great power buried in the fire pit. Fayte drew out her mancatcher and stirred around, eventually pulling out a long box. They cooled it off with a spell.

As Carric prepared to open it, the rest of the adventurers retreated to a far corner of the room, expecting a trap to go off. Trilahi wanted to stand next to Carric, but he ordered her to stay with the others. He opened it, and inside were magic items! He reached in, and a magic scythe cut off his hand!

Trilahi ran over and wrapped the stump. Then she kicked over the box so the items would pour out. Heron had bought some of the limb-regenerating dwarven liquor and offered it to Carric.

Inside the box were potions of fire resistance, a ring of fire resistance (10), and an ice bow called Rime. Snow slowly fell from it and its' magically-created arrows. The bow was intelligent, and of Lawful Good alignment. It told Carric that it could detect evil, detect magic, and detect secret doors. It also spoke Common, Giant, Draconic and Infernal. It said it was created by Aeon Raindread, a powerful sorceress from Olwynn.  

The adventurers healed up for a few minutes. they still had to go up and kill Romag...